There are over 238,001 courier businesses in the United States. More businesses and individuals are relying on them every day to deliver things safely.

But how do you know which one to trust with retail furniture home delivery?

Oversized objects always tend to get damaged by rough delivery companies. Then, it quickly becomes a blame game between the retailer and the delivery company.

With the number of questionable home delivery companies out there is it any wonder that 21% of oversized online purchases arrived damaged?

If you’re a furniture business company, then you need a courier service that can handle it. If you’re an individual, you need furniture deliver undamaged.

Let’s find out how to do it and what courier company offers valuable service.

Can Courier Services Provide Delivery for Furniture Stores?


There are plenty of courier service that provides furniture delivery options for both businesses and individuals. All you need to do is contact a company that delivers near you and fill out some info real quick.

For retailers, most services can access your shipments from your warehouse, store or wherever you store your merchandise. Not all delivery services can compete with the two-day shipping of Amazon.

But they can provide professional and reliable help when transporting and setting up objects — big or small. All you need to do is choose a furniture delivery service you can trust by using some helpful criteria.

Things to Look For in a Retail Furniture Delivery Service

If you’re a business looking for a furniture delivery service you can count on, then there are several things you should look out for in a company. They include:


First off, you want to make sure that the courier service you go with has experience at delivery. Many new companies immediately bite off more than they can choose.

These companies quickly become plagued by late deliveries and poor service. Go with a company that can back up their experience with stats and figures.

On-Time Delivery

Every order sent to the courier company must be delivered promptly. Gone is the time where people will wait 10 days for a package.

If customers don’t receive their orders on time, then they get angry fast. Make sure that your delivery company is capable of running the full gauntlet of quick delivery time: overnight, 2-day and standard.

Tracking Technology

Go with a service that offers real-time package tracking so you always get updates on the different stages of delivery.

Accurate tracking technology is always a good sign of an organized company that can handle tight delivery windows.

If a problem occurs either you or the customer can see where the order is being held up. Scanning technology also helps business owners keep a close tab on their inventory.

What Other Services Do Courier Businesses Provide?

Furniture delivery isn’t the only service that courier businesses offer. For example, take our business Need It Now.

We offer eleven different services, including retail store delivery. Here are some of the other services provided that might be of use to you:

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is the final step of the delivery process; the part where the package goes from the local hub to the address of the recipient. While it might sound like no big deal, getting back to the address is harder than you’d think.

Things are relatively uniform and organized in the shipping hubs. Once they get outside they become subjected to the elements of weather and delivery.

Delivery companies that provide last-mile delivery often charge exuberant rates.

Our service doesn’t exclude smaller businesses but works with them to make a shipping model that works for them. You can learn more about last-mile delivery here.

Moving and Installation Services

If you’re moving the things in your home or installing furniture in a new office, then you likely need help with the heavy lifting. However, Need It Now’s moving and installation service doesn’t stop once the furniture’s unpacked.

We stick with the project from planning to completion. This process includes project planning, inspection and any configurations that need changing on the day of.

We know that moving is stressful for any client, so we do our best to bring respect and ease to the event.


If you have storage that you might need shipping at a moment’s notice, then you should consider warehousing.

The service lets you hold inventory in freight that can then be moved swiftly to local delivery channels when the time comes. Here are some of the different storage option that Need It Now offers:

  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Break Bulk Service
  • Archive Record Storage
  • Skid Storage
  • Seasonal Merchandise Handling

Air Freight

If you require overnight or international delivery, then you can’t beat the speed and convenience of air freight. Need It Now can provide same-day shipping in North America and Canada. It also provides services for most international cities.

The real winner is our tracking technology, which helps us keep eyes on the shipment and choose the fastest possible route for the delivery.

Our air freight system is highly personalized — we can flag a shipment as urgent at a moment’s notice.

Why You Can Trust Need It Now for Your Furniture Home Delivery Needs

Early in the article we listed three important things you should look for in a furniture home delivery service: experience, on-time delivery, and tracking technology.

Well, the Need It Now courier service fulfills all three of these areas. We have plenty of experience in transporting goods — our crew handles over 4,000 orders a week.

We also have the numbers to back up our on-time delivery service. 99% of the orders shipped through Need It Now arrive according to their estimated time frame.

In terms of tracking, we utilize an automated voice system for sending out updates on the expected date of delivery. We also offer scanning capabilities that give you a complete picture of your inventory.