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Final Mile Delivery Tips for Happier Online Shoppers


The final mile (also called the last mile) refers to the last stretch of delivery when a product actually heads to a customer's address. While rarely literally a mile, it is a useful term when discussing how long it takes a product to get to a customer once it is in place and ready. This arguably makes the final mile delivery one of the most critical parts of a supply chain, since all delays translate directly to the customer. Today we're here to offer some tips to help make sure your final mile deliveries go as smoothly as they can. This in [...]

Final Mile Delivery Tips for Happier Online Shoppers2021-01-14T15:58:33+00:00

Retail Furniture Home Delivery? Yes, We Do That


There are over 238,001 courier businesses in the United States. More businesses and individuals are relying on them every day to deliver things safely. But how do you know which one to trust with retail furniture home delivery? Oversized objects always tend to get damaged by rough delivery companies. Then, it quickly becomes a blame game between the retailer and the delivery company. With the number of questionable home delivery companies out there is it any wonder that 21% of oversized online purchases arrived damaged? If you’re a furniture business company, then you need a courier service that can handle [...]

Retail Furniture Home Delivery? Yes, We Do That2020-09-01T13:41:13+00:00

How to Ship a Single Piece of Furniture to a Residence


You don't have a lot of stuff, but you know you need to take your things with you when you leave! You're planning to pack it all up in your car during your long-distance move. What are you supposed to do with the furniture? That's where a shipping service comes in! Shipping furniture is a little more involved than dropping a package off at the post office. We've put together this guide to teach you how to ship a single piece of furniture across the country. When Should You Ship Your Furniture? You can ship furniture for a few different reasons. [...]

How to Ship a Single Piece of Furniture to a Residence2020-07-28T14:52:06+00:00

Fast Delivery: How the Growing Demand for eCommerce Delivery Is Changing Everything


Retail therapy has taken over the internet. This trend is great for sales but tough on order fulfillment. The issue isn't with products flying off the shelves of your warehouse but in customer expectations of shipping times. Fast delivery isn't up for negotiation. More than 60% of customers want products delivered in less than three days. The changing delivery landscape will have major effects on e-commerce retailers across all industries. Check out this overview of the future of last-mile logistics. Customers Over Everything Same-day and one-day delivery services led by Amazon leave small shops scrambling to keep customers happy. The trouble [...]

Fast Delivery: How the Growing Demand for eCommerce Delivery Is Changing Everything2020-06-22T14:20:30+00:00

Everything Business Owners Need to Know About Final Mile Delivery


If your business has been growing and expanding over the years, you’ve probably realized that times are changing. One to two-week-long deliveries are no longer the default, accepted option when it comes to shipping speed. Consumers now want the items they purchase online as soon as possible. The growing expectation is that deliveries should be next or even same-day. Final mile delivery services are your answer to resolving this important customer need. Read on to learn all about final mile delivery and how this service can benefit your business for the longterm! What is Final Mile Delivery? Final or last-mile [...]

Everything Business Owners Need to Know About Final Mile Delivery2020-05-18T15:23:59+00:00

Final Mile Services vs. White Glove Services: Which One Do You Need?


The Internet's been both a blessing and a curse for business owners. It's a blessing, as it opens our businesses up to a much wider audience than we would have otherwise. It's a curse in that customers have higher expectations than they've ever had before. They expect more service, higher quality, and they expect it faster than ever. 80% of consumers expect same-day delivery.  This is especially true of millennial and younger generations who've grown up with eCommerce. If you want to remain competitive, you need to consider same-day delivery. That's where final mile services come in. Not every business [...]

Final Mile Services vs. White Glove Services: Which One Do You Need?2020-03-11T13:53:53+00:00

10 Life Hacks For Last Mile Deliveries


Last-mile deliveries are a growing need for small business owners across the country. Retail giants like Amazon exponentially increase customer expectations. But your business can compete. With the right shipping strategy, you can profit in the age of instant gratification. Check out these 10 hacks to keep the pace of innovation for last-mile deliveries. 10 Strategies for Last-Mile Deliveries The rush to beat competitors can leave the quality of last-mile delivery services lacking. Here are ten ways to offer a great customer experience when your drivers are scrambling to beat the clock. 10. Update Routes Siri doesn't know everything. Always double check [...]

10 Life Hacks For Last Mile Deliveries2020-02-05T16:57:56+00:00

8 Ways You Can Save Money By Using a Third Party Delivery Service


Ever wondered how much mail the United States Postal Service (USPS) processes? According to their website, they deliver about 484.8 million on a daily basis. They do this by employing more than 75,000 letter carriers that drive to neighborhoods and deliver mail. This makes the USPS the top choice when it comes to logistics, bar none. It also means they have leverage on how much they charge. Cutting costs on shipping might help you save a lot if you’re a business that relies on eCommerce. But you should also consider using a third party delivery service to help. After all, more often [...]

8 Ways You Can Save Money By Using a Third Party Delivery Service2019-06-17T13:29:38+00:00

What Is Last Mile Delivery and Why You Want Your Courier to Offer It


About 56 percent of online consumers below the age of 34 expect same day delivery when shopping.Today, the timely delivery of consumer goods is no longer a luxury. However, order fulfillment is a taxing and challenging process, especially for small businesses.In spite of this, many players have disrupted the market by delivering goods to customers in ways that seemed impossible before. This is where last mile delivery comes in.So what is last mile delivery? Read on to find out how it works, why your firm needs to adopt it, and how it benefits your business. What Is Last Mile Delivery?When a customer places an [...]

What Is Last Mile Delivery and Why You Want Your Courier to Offer It2019-06-05T14:55:33+00:00

Delivering Success: What to Look For in a Final Mile Carrier


There’s no denying that online shopping continues to dominate the market. Amazon alone already generated over $258 billion in revenue in 2018. Think about the combined profits from all other online retailers. However, this also means your business now faces even tighter competition. More businesses move to the online landscape. One way to stand out is to provide better customer service, such as offering final mile carrier service. Get the product straight to the buyer’s door. Are you ready to know what to look for in a final mile delivery service? Excited to discover more and implement it in your business plan? [...]

Delivering Success: What to Look For in a Final Mile Carrier2019-05-02T15:47:18+00:00
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