Among consumers aged 18-34, 56% expect to have same-day delivery.

As the demand for faster, more accurate delivery service grows, courier companies have to find new ways of keeping up the supply. Delivery driver GPS is one way that courier services can improve their efficiency and keep customers happy.

If you’re in the courier service industry, GPS is one of many improving technologies that you should invest in. What was once a luxury is quickly becoming a necessity for tracking and managing your fleet and maintaining excellent customer service.

Keep reading to learn more about GPS in the delivery service industry and how it benefits your business.

1. Reduced Delivery Time

Reducing delivery times is essential to keeping up with the demand for delivery services. And as e-commerce booms and more people order their products online, you’ll continue to have more and more deliveries to get into customer’s hands.

The less time it takes to get your packages delivered, the more time you have for other deliveries. Not only does that mean more money in your pocket, but it also ensures that customers aren’t waiting around for their package. Too many long deliveries and they very well might be persuaded to try someone new.

This is where pre-routed delivery and GPS can save the day. The most basic function of GPS is to help plan routes and get to destinations faster. But this goes well beyond finding the shortest route between two delivery destinations.

Although GPS is capable of that, delivery drivers typically have more than two stops to make in a day. Meaning that the fastest route from one destination to another isn’t always the most efficient. Instead, you can use GPS to plan routes that account for all the destinations of a day.

And, these days, GPS will take into consideration traffic, construction, and accidents in real time. With automatic updates on potential delays, they’ll always be able to find the fastest route and maximize the number of deliveries they can fit into a day.

2. Helps Save on Fuel

By improving routing and minimizing unnecessary delays, delivery driver GPS also helps companies save on expensive fuel costs. But GPS can also help you save gas in other ways.

GPS technology is now capable of monitoring things like speed, rapid acceleration, and excessive idling. These behaviors are considered high-consumption driving behaviors that waste gas.

By monitoring these items on the back end, you can alert drivers and help them reduce these habits. Some GPS systems will even send real-time alerts to delivery drivers so they’re aware of exactly when to correct their high-consumption habits.

3. Fleet Efficiency Tracking

Beyond monitoring their driving habits, you can also use delivery driver GPS to monitor how efficient your drivers are. By accessing data on their everyday movements and identifying inefficient behaviors, you can improve operations and increase their productivity.

Many GPS services allow you to do this remotely as well. You can usually access tracking, monitoring, assistance, and data from anywhere you have a wifi connection. Meaning you can make sure your business runs efficiently even while you’re sick or away.

4. Mileage Tracking

Many companies in the same day logistics industry pay their drivers according to the number of miles they drive in a given day, week, or month. Tracking those miles means a lot of paperwork. And manual paperwork risks human error – i.e. it’s very likely to have inaccurate information.

With delivery driver GPS, you eliminate the need for manual tracking. You get exact and automatic readings on how many miles were actually driven. That means potential savings for you and more accurate pay cheques for your employees.

5. Customer Service

The days of putting a tracking number into a website to find out where your package is are over. This old-school way of tracking packages meant customers only received updates according to the last time their parcel was scanned. GPS offers far more accurate information on the location of their package and when they can expect to receive it.

Some GPS systems allow customers to track their item in real-time. For some, that means watching the entire process from the convenience of a smartphone.

But even if your system isn’t that sophisticated, having delivery driver GPS that monitors time and miles helps you provide an accurate arrival time. That means that 5 to 8-hour windows are also a thing of the past. Instead, you can provide an accurate ETA to the customer so they don’t have to wait around for critical parcels when they already have a packed schedule.

6. Customer Allegations

Customer claims that your delivery service wasn’t up to par can affect your reputation and also cause you to take action against the accused driver. But if you’re using delivery driver GPS, you’ll know the truth of the story. Not only do you have access to evidence, you’ll also save money on refunding customers who make false allegations against your drivers and their service.

7. Vehicle Tracking

Large and small companies in the same day logistics industry have to track any number of vehicles as well as their drivers. GPS can help you find out if vehicles are being used outside of business hours or for other unauthorized purposes. In the long run, this saves you on fuel and maintenance costs.

But that also means that stolen vehicles can be located. This kind of information is invaluable for authorities who are looking for and recovering your vehicle. Many GPS systems will even send an alert when a vehicle is being used at a time it’s not supposed to be.

Delivery Driver GPS for the Best Service

Getting packages to your customers on time has always been a big part of success in the courier service industry. But as more people need deliveries – and need them faster – reducing delivery times has become even more important.

But delivery driver GPS offers more than just more efficient delivery time. They also help save money on fuel and maintenance, track your vehicles, and make your operations more efficient.

When you need to ship something, choosing a delivery service that uses GPS means putting your goods in the right hands. Contact us to find out how we get your packages there better than anybody else.