What Is E-Commerce? Here’s Your Guide to E-Commerce


Buying and selling is the most simple thing. You stock your products, and buyers pick what they want and pay for it. Trades such as those soon became brick and mortar stores and now in the age of technology things have quickly changed. Ecommerce is an industry that has no interest in slowing down. Entrepreneurs and retailers alike have a lot to learn about this budding industry and why it's fundamental in business today. There will be as many as 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide by 2021. Any chance to reach a wider audience is important for businesses both big [...]

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How to Ship a Single Piece of Furniture to a Residence


You don't have a lot of stuff, but you know you need to take your things with you when you leave! You're planning to pack it all up in your car during your long-distance move. What are you supposed to do with the furniture? That's where a shipping service comes in! Shipping furniture is a little more involved than dropping a package off at the post office. We've put together this guide to teach you how to ship a single piece of furniture across the country. When Should You Ship Your Furniture? You can ship furniture for a few different reasons. [...]

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Fast Delivery: How the Growing Demand for eCommerce Delivery Is Changing Everything


Retail therapy has taken over the internet. This trend is great for sales but tough on order fulfillment. The issue isn't with products flying off the shelves of your warehouse but in customer expectations of shipping times. Fast delivery isn't up for negotiation. More than 60% of customers want products delivered in less than three days. The changing delivery landscape will have major effects on e-commerce retailers across all industries. Check out this overview of the future of last-mile logistics. Customers Over Everything Same-day and one-day delivery services led by Amazon leave small shops scrambling to keep customers happy. The trouble [...]

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Final Mile Services vs. White Glove Services: Which One Do You Need?


The Internet's been both a blessing and a curse for business owners. It's a blessing, as it opens our businesses up to a much wider audience than we would have otherwise. It's a curse in that customers have higher expectations than they've ever had before. They expect more service, higher quality, and they expect it faster than ever. 80% of consumers expect same-day delivery.  This is especially true of millennial and younger generations who've grown up with eCommerce. If you want to remain competitive, you need to consider same-day delivery. That's where final mile services come in. Not every business [...]

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8 E-commerce Logistics Trends You Should Know


The e-commerce industry is expected to reach $735 billion by 2023 due to the fact that 42% of US consumers shop online. If you have a store online, then you need to keep track of e-commerce logistics trends. By staying on top of trends, you can ensure your business stays competitive. That way, your orders continue to grow, and your business builds. Do you know these eight trends that you should implement? 1. It's Time to Get Mobile Mobile internet browsing surpassed desktop usage back in 2016. So today, businesses that sell online need to make mobile optimization a priority. Not to [...]

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